REACH Product Stewardship Forum

REACH: What Did We Learn and What’s Next?

This seminar discussed experiences and best practices in consortium management and REACH registration and addressed the challenges associated with the next phases of REACH, including the use of science in regulatory decision making.

Once the first wave of registration dossiers were submitted, it was an opportune time to reflect on the lessons learned thus far and the challenges ahead. Participants shared their experiences and thoughts relevant to best practices. As companies and ECHA are preparing for REACH evaluation, authorization and restriction, this seminar also explored ECHA's and industry's expectations. The use of science in this process was discussed as a key issue.

Topics to be covered: Cost Effective Consortium Management, The Next Phases of REACH, and Use of Science by ECHA

January 14, 2011, 10:00 - 14:30 hours
hosted by Hunton & Williams

1. Introduction — Lucas Bergkamp and Mike Penman

2. Cost Effective Management of REACH Registration and Consortia

3. Next Phases of REACH — What to expect from the ECHA after registration, and how to prepare

4. Use of Science by ECHA