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The market for chemicals and products is no longer local, or even regional, but global. Companies in the supply chain need to understand and comply with laws and regulations applicable to their products and the raw materials and chemicals they are comprised of. Some of the most prominent of these regulations are REACH in Europe, and Proposition 65 and the Green Chemistry Initiative in California, USA. Companies that ignore or despite best efforts fail to meet applicable requirements will not fare well in the global market.

In Europe, REACH (Registration, Evaluation Authorization and restriction of CHemicals) Regulation - adopted in 2006 - has developed into one of the most complex chemical regulations in the world. REACH requires the registration of chemicals based on the principle "no data, no market" (no hazards and risks data, no market) communication within the supply chain, and provides procedures for authorization and restriction on the use of chemicals. The regulation affects all companies within the supply chain of chemicals and products.

Hunton & Williams and Penman Consulting launched the REACH Product Stewardship Forum to help interested companies and stakeholders navigate the maze of available REACH processes, regulations and guidelines.

The website offers a snapshot of REACH's relevant legal, compliance and management aspects, including overviews of legal proceedings, and regulatory processes and bodies involved. The intent is to make understanding REACH as simple as possible. It also serves as a forum through which Consortium, and trade association managers, government officials and REACH experts can discuss best practices and emerging issues raised through the implementation of REACH.

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Last updated: 16 July 2015

The European Union REACH Regulation for Chemicals